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Mini wireless keyboard for Android Box

The Android TV Box Mini Wireless Kodi Remote Control Keyboard is the perfect accessory to use with your Android TV box. In fact, it is so versatile that you can even use it with a smart TV, game consoles like the XBox abd Playstation.  In short, if you have a device that has a free USB port and you need to hook up a keyboard to it, then the Mini Wireless Kodi Remote Control Keyboard may be the answer.

kodi remote

At first glance, the Kodi Remote looks like a game controller on steroids.  It is neatly sculptured to fit comfortably in the cups of your hands and the keys are strategically placed in such a way that you can comfortably type away using your thumbs.  The mini wireless remote control keyboard comes with a full QWERTY keyboard, including a row of function keys along the top.  On the top left hand side are the multimedia control buttons and on the top right hand side there are a set of navigation keys.

Neatly crammed in the middle of the controller is a fully working touch pad which comes in handy when you need to have that mouse-like functionality.  What I personally like about the touch pad is that it also comes a a printout of hand gestures that one can follow when learning to use the touch pad. What is also great about this printout is the fact that it can be found on the touch pad itself.

Kodi Remote

There are two sets of left and right mouse buttons on the front face of the Kodi Remote as well, so depending on your preferred choice of mouse buttons that you want to use with the built in touch pad there is more than one choice which is pretty cool indeed.

All of the keys are made of rubber and each of the keys make a real clicking sound when they are pressed which is a big plus when it comes to the keyboard experience and knowing when you have pressed a key successfully.

Kodi Remote

There are more surprises that comes with the mini wireless remote controlled keyboard.  All of the keys can be fully back lit which makes this the perfect gadget to use in the dark.  Furthermore, there are three colour modes that the keys can be back lit into: red, blue and green.

The mini wireless remote controlled keyboard comes with a rechargeable lithium ion battery which is charged via a mini USB port located at the top of the controller.  You can access the battery by taking off the rear cover.  Once the back cover is open, inside you can see the battery and just to the left of it, there is a small compartment for the mini USB wireless dongle which you would plug into your smart TV or Android box when you need to establish a wireless connection to your mini wireless remote control keyboard.  The little compartment for the mini wireless USB dongle is such a nice feature because it can be very easy to misplace that dongle.

Kodi Remote

This little wireless device comes chock full of other features and it is an ideal companion for your entertainment hardware.  By the way, because the Kodi Remote is shaped like a real video game controller, the circular multimedia keys located at the top left as well as the navigation keys on the top right of the controller can also serve as gaming keys.  Pretty cool.

Kodi Remote

The mini wireless remote control keyboard is a very low cost gadget that makes an excellent gift for the tech enthusiast or your average couch potato.  If you want to get yourself one of these cool wireless keyboards then you can click and get them here.  Enjoy!

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